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SunCal’s Oak Knoll Project:

  • Is being built without union labor and will not provide family-sustaining wages for construction workers.*
  • Doesn’t provide apprenticeships for young construction workers.*
  • Provides for no on-site affordable housing.
  • Adds 11,000 new car trips daily, increasing traffic congestion.
  • Will clear cut a forest of native oak trees.
  • Allows uncontrolled construction emissions to pollute neighborhood air quality.

SunCal, a large out-of-town developer, is proposing an exclusive community of luxury homes on 188 acres of the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital site in the Oakland Hills. This is the second largest development ever proposed in Oakland and it needs to provide a benefit to the community we’ve created. 

Sign our petition and tell the Oakland City Council that this project should not go forward unless it addresses these issues.

*Though SunCal still refuses to guarantee union labor for the construction of the property's 935 homes or its retail space, since this petition was first placed online, SunCal has agreed to hire union workers to prepare the site for construction. 

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